BREAKING NEWS – JDJ Announces Name Change

JDJ Family Office Services, an administrative multi-family office located in Boston, MA, announced today that they have changed their name to ‘JBJ’, effective immediately.

JBJ’s President, Jamie Kittler, remarked “How could we not make this change now? We have been contemplating this move since Tuesday, around 8:30 pm. We have unanimous support from our team internally, (except for Jason, who is a Cubs fan). The events of last night solidified our plan.”

In conjunction with the name change, JBJ will be honoring their new corporate muse, Jackie Bradley Jr., by rolling out a new logo:




In the next phase of this transition, JBJ is contemplating additional service offerings such as ‘stepping up to the plate big time’, ‘making the spectacular look routine’, ‘delivering clutch performances’, and of course, ‘driving in runs in the playoffs’.

This rebranding solidifies the firm’s commitment to generating excitement in the Boston area, and delivering meaningful value to our teammates, clients and fans.

Those interested in the services that JBJ offers can learn more at