Author: Steve Sarcione

BREAKING NEWS: Millionaire Tax Defeated

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has just ruled that a question that would have asked voters to approve a new surtax of 4% on income over $1 million cannot be placed on the ballot this November, effectively killing this three-year initiative. This news is of particular importance to JDJ clients, many of whom would have […]

Massachusetts Millionaire’s Tax

  In May 2016, the Massachusetts Legislature, in constitutional convention, adopted an amendment to the state constitution authorizing a 4% surtax on personal income in excess of $1 million. In order for this amendment to be added to the constitution, it must be adopted by another constitutional convention in May 2017 and then it needs […]

IRS Proposes Eliminating Valuation Discounts

Earlier this month, the IRS released proposed regulations that would eliminate discounts used when valuing assets held by certain types of family entities being transferred by gift or sale to family members, an estate planning technique that, though complicated, has been common practice among high net worth families for decades. Anyone who has attended the […]

Protect Yourself Against Cyber Crime

Wire fraud is a serious problem. As hackers become more sophisticated and hacking software becomes cheaper and more widely available, instances of wire fraud due to compromised email accounts are increasing.  According to one study conducted by J.P. Morgan last year, between 2013 and 2014 the number of wire fraud incidents nearly doubled. Financial institutions […]

Heckerling Conference 2016

For the last seven years, I’ve been privileged to attend the annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning in Orlando, FL. Founded in 1966 by Professor Philip E. Heckerling, the Institute brings estate planning professionals from around the United States together for a week-long conference each January. This year’s 50th anniversary drew a record 3,200-plus attendees, […]