Elizabeth Fogarty Wins JDJ CARE Award

Elizabeth and Jamie CARE-crop

We are delighted to announce Elizabeth Fogarty as the recipient of the July 2021 CARE Award! The JDJ CARE award (which stands for Capturing and Recognizing Excellence) enables JDJ team members to recognize their peers who deliver outstanding service to clients and colleagues.

Elizabeth was selected for this honor because of her ongoing commitment to her clients and teammates. Elizabeth was nominated and co-sponsored for the CARE award by ten of her colleagues, which is a true testament to the impact her positivity, work ethic, and kindness has on the entire firm. In early 2021 Elizabeth played a pivotal role in managing two busy and complex client relationships while another member of the team was out. Despite a number of special projects and expanded scope of work, Elizabeth executed everything with excellent follow-through and thoughtfulness.

One nominator noted, “Throughout my years at JDJ I have seen many employees exemplify excellence and their ability to care for their work, their coworkers, and their clients. However, I have never seen anyone do this quite like Elizabeth, especially throughout the first half of 2021.” Elizabeth  exemplifies  every aspect of what it is to be an outstanding family office employee. “Under pressure, she is poised and even-keeled while determined to solve a problem that arises.”

Elizabeth is respected for her teaching abilities, using her strong technical skills to mentor and help others learn. Elizabeth is also a strong corporate contributor. She has been a member of JDJ’s Best Practices Group since 2019, has been instrumental in training new employees, and is helping develop comprehensive materials for new employee onboarding.

Another teammate summed it up this way: “Elizabeth deserves this award. Not because she is a hard worker (JDJ has loads of those), but because of her attitude to clients and coworkers while putting in long hours. She constantly shows concern for other people and looks at ways to help with the actual work and also your mental health when things get hectic and you just need a friend for a minute. There is nobody more deserving of this award than Elizabeth this summer.” We couldn’t agree more! Congratulations, Elizabeth, and thank you for your dedication to your clients, teammates, and JDJ.

Jamie Kittler, JDJ’s President, honored Elizabeth in a speech featuring her accomplishments and presented her with silver bowl and plaque engraved with her name. The CARE award is made twice per year and previous winners include Stephen Lau, Abi Smith, Tyler Hilliard, and Gina Rego.