Lise Przybylski Wins JDJ CARE Award


We are delighted to announce Lise Przybylski is the recipient of the July 2022 CARE Award! The JDJ CARE award (which stands for Capturing and Recognizing Excellence) is a peer-nominated award to recognize outstanding service to clients and colleagues.

Lise was recognized for her client service accomplishments as well as her corporate contributions. Lise’s colleagues praised her strong work ethic, “superb” attention to detail, and outstanding client service. Lise takes ownership of all her client relationships, and is extremely responsive and communicative, always anticipating questions or issues. One teammate commented, “I can trust Lise to take on a project and run with it; she is an excellent problem solver.” Another praised Lise’s positive attitude and commented that Lise is always willing to take on additional work or take the first initiative on tasks.

A colleague noted that Lise holds herself accountable, is dependable, and “I never have to worry about things falling through the cracks.” Another said, “Lise is an incredible teammate, and she consistently delivers excellent service to clients.”

Lise seeks to improve efficiencies and use technology to streamline processes and communication wherever possible. She is a strong corporate contributor and has been a member of JDJ’s Technology Committee since 2021. A new team member who was trained by Lise called her “the best teacher” and appreciated all Lise did to help get her up to speed, sharing helpful tips.

Jamie Kittler honored Lise in a speech at the JDJ summer outing and presented her with silver bowl and plaque engraved with her name. The CARE award is made twice per year and previous winners include Stephen Lau, Abi Smith, Tyler Hilliard, Gina Rego, Elizabeth Fogarty, and Logan Cerruti. Lise represents excellence in everything she does – congratulations on this award.