Marathoner in our midst!

marathon finish line

Congratulations to our own Jason Heman, and his wife, Brooke Koshel, who recently completed their first marathon. Jason had previously run a few half marathons and he and Brooke had run some shorter races together. Jason credits Brooke with the idea of setting the goal of running a marathon as part of their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. They trained together for 18 weeks, running the prescribed mileage each week, devoting every Saturday to long runs, and adapting their diets to fuel their intense workouts.

Jason and Brooke were among more than 200 finishers of the Hamptons Marathon, and another 1,000 participants completed the Half-Marathon and 5K. Despite the challenging training and grueling last miles of the race, Jason and Brooke plan to run another marathon.

Jason and Brooke made the most of their trip by spending time (post-race) visiting local wineries and celebrating their first wedding anniversary, which coincidentally, fell on the same weekend as the race.  Congratulations to you both on this terrific accomplishment!