Stephen Lau Wins JDJ’s Inaugural CARE Award

Stephen and Jamie


JDJ’s mission statement epitomizes why JDJ exists: “We love helping people we care about, learning new things, and building meaningful relationships.” These words encompass the spirit of what JDJ team members strive to achieve every day. We created the Capturing and Recognizing Excellence (CARE) award to recognize an individual who delivers exceptional service to clients and colleagues.

The CARE award is a bi-annual award given to an employee by their peers who exemplifies what it means to deliver excellent client service. Employees are asked to nominate their colleagues based on who they believe embodies excellence. There were several worthy nominees, which is a testament to the accomplishments of our talented team, as well as how much they respect one another.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the JDJ’s first CARE Award is Stephen Lau. Stephen has been incredibly dedicated to his work, helping his team and serving his clients since joining JDJ in 2015. In his nomination, Stephen’s colleagues wrote that he is a “model citizen” who “is committed to being successful and continues to strive to expand his knowledge and skill set.” In addition, Stephen displays a “calm and positive attitude in times of stress that really sets him apart.” Stephen was recognized for his tremendous efforts during a large client project in the first quarter, where he demonstrated that he is “a JDJ all-star who puts the needs of clients and teammates over his own.” In addition to being one of the most humble people you will ever meet, Stephen “steps up and shows up each and every time.”

We congratulate Stephen on this prestigious and well-deserved honor for his outstanding contributions to JDJ.